Starting any business can be a tiring and stressful period of life, as of recently photo booths have become a rapidly growing business to have in the UK, as they are so high in demand for parties such as wedding parties, birthday parties, corporate events and other social occasions.

There is a few reasons why the photo booth business is so high in demand at the moment;
- when photo booths first came in to the business in the 1990’s the picture quality was very poor, and could only be taken in black and white, and there was no variety of things you could do to make the photo booth systems fun, but in our modern times now, the quality of photo booth pictures are highly spectacular, and there’s also all the fun options such as black and white pictures, full colour pictures, sepia toned pictures, and there is also different designs you can have for the photos such as one large picture, and even 4 small photos on a strip.
- photo booths are also high in demand for corporate events because the skin of the booth can easily be changed to promote someone else’s business, and even the text on the pictures can be changed, to represent the company that has hired the booth of you.
- they give wedding parties and birthday parties a sprinkle of fun, as when you hire out a photo booth with someone you should always include a prop box, to make the photos taken more fun.

Most photo booth systems are being sold for around £8995, prices vary from what company you buy them from, usually photo booths can be hired out at around £500 for 4 hours, and you can also include extra’s for people to buy, such as extra photo booth hours, and idle hours, and also a photo booth guestbook, which you put a second set of the prints in, and then get all the guests to sign it.
On average a photo booth needs to be rented out around 18 times before you start making profit, which makes photo booth hire a highly profitable business.

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